The Best Time to Book Your Venue

There may be much speculation regarding the perfect time for your wedding and some people might be fortunate enough to be able to afford a wedding in any time of the year at any destination. There is however a select few of us who, let’s say, are a little less fortunate in this department. Not to worry, I have the best tips on getting the best value for your money.

Let’s start with one simple rule, “ ask and you shall receive”. Start off by asking the sales person at the venue you are viewing, what specials they have. Remember, the person sitting across from you is there because they are good at what they do, making money. They aren’t necessarily going to give you the best price until they can see that you desperately need it, in which case they may lose out on your business. So, take the first tip and ASK!


Secondly watch your selected venues social media pages, this includes their website, Facebook, Instagram, etc. for any specials that they may be putting out. Weddings venues in specific put out a lot of special, some even on a monthly basis, so keep your eyes out for their best deals.


Thirdly, much like any other places you’re are buying time at, there are in season prices and out of season prices. Now, ladies I know were all dreaming of that summer beach wedding, however, I’m not sure about you, but my wallet and credit card give me a chuckle at the idea of such. Keep your eyes out for venues that have attraction for winter weddings, much like the Chestnut Tree Accolades has, which makes a winter wedding look magical without having to put much effort in. Winter is your best time to look at having a low cost wedding at the venue of your selection, as this is considered the out of season time in the wedding industry.

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